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16 Sep

Business Half Hourly Electricity Tariffs

by Simon Thompson

In order to access the best business half hourly electricity tariffs, your firm or organisation will need half hour meters installed.

For those who may not be aware, the meters are installed for large uses of electricity, typically consuming more than 100 kW of energy during a half-hour period in the day.

With the meters sending this data to the electricity supplier every 30 minutes means there’s no longer a need for estimated bills and the firm will enjoy accurate billing.

This information can also be utilised by the firm to pinpoint where potential energy savings can be made, for example, switching production to a cheaper time of day.

However, the same consumption data can be used by a potential new half hour electricity provider to deliver a new deal based on accurate readings.

Finding a new half hourly electricity quote

One of the issues for having half-hour electricity meters installed is that the procurement process in finding a new half hourly electricity quote is more complex.

Whereas a smaller business can simply use a variety of sources to get a new electricity quote, that’s not quite the case for large consumers.

For those firms with 00 meters installed, the process to find a new half hourly electricity provider is a tad more complicated.

However, the process of switching is just as straightforward.

A business can simply contact their current supplier to find out what their rates will be for their next year’s contract and use the services of a broker with expertise in the sector to find a cheaper deal.

Find a cheap half hourly electricity deal

This is where the friendly team at D-Energi can help find a cheap half hourly electricity deal by looking at the wholesale market.

With a few details such as the meter number and address, along with a data release letter, the team can access your consumption data and begin a tendering process.

This process will see all energy suppliers being invited to submit prices and your business or organisation will have a variety of tariffs to choose from.

However, it also needs to be appreciated that the electricity supply market in the UK can be volatile, with wholesale prices changing on a regular basis.

Despite this, the D-Energi team has access to the entire market and the best business half hourly electricity tariffs to help you reduce your energy costs and boost profitability, so you should contact the team today.