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22 Jun

Are You On the Cheapest Business Electricity Prices?

by Simon Thompson

When your current provider contacts you with your next year’s contract rates, you may be wondering whether you are on the cheapest business electricity prices for your needs.

The landing of this contract renewal letter is a great point to begin searching the marketplace to find cheaper energy prices that will help you lower your running costs.

To find cheaper rates, you could contact suppliers directly or use an online comparison site.

The first method can be time-consuming and not find the best offers while the latter may not search the entire marketplace but will give a fair indication of what prices your business should be paying.

Cheapest business electricity rates UK

In the search for the cheapest business electricity rates UK, you should carry out a search of the marketplace every year when your contract is up for renewal to ensure you never pay more than you should for electricity.

Unfortunately, a government survey has highlighted that 40% of firms in the UK have never bothered switching so they will have probably been rolled over onto deemed contracts which tend to be much higher than a new customer will enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be this way since online comparison sites and the D-Energi team can search the marketplace to source the bespoke deal that should save a substantial amount of money on your business’s electricity bills.

The cheapest business electricity supplier

Finding the cheapest business electricity supplier is straightforward and the switchover process is a seamless one and there’s no loss of supply when you decide to swap.

This may be a potential worry for those firms who rely on their electricity supply but they don’t have to because the market is still monitored by the watchdog Ofgem to ensure that firms deliver on promises and supply.

It also needs to be highlighted that some of the smaller independent providers will offer the better prices and better levels of customer service since some firms will be reluctant to move away from one of the ‘Big Six’ providers but with the offer of substantial savings to be made this should be investigated.


If you want to find out whether you are on the cheapest business electricity prices and, if not, what the cheapest prices could be for your needs, then it’s time to speak with the team of experts at D-Energi.