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19 Jul

Accessing the Cheapest Business Gas Prices

by Simon Thompson

It should be part of your firm’s normal processes to access the cheapest business gas prices every year when your current deal comes up for renewal.

That’s because you will be reassured that you are not overpaying for your business gas supply and switching to a new provider is straightforward with no loss of supply.

However, not every business owner will take the time to find a new supplier and if you haven’t switched for several years, then it’s likely you will be paying more than is necessary because you will have been moved to an out of contract tariff, known as deemed rates.

Deemed rates tend to be more expensive – they can be up to 30% more than a new customer will be paying with the same supplier.

Compare business gas prices

The process to compare business gas prices from a new supplier is straightforward and you will need to appreciate there is a range of factors influencing the prices and deals being offered by suppliers for meeting your electricity needs.

For example, prices will be affected by movements in the wholesale supply market and the location of your firm and the number of employees you have will also affect prices being quoted.

Despite this, it is still a rewarding process in sourcing a new business gas supplier with lower rates because there’s no reason to be paying more for gas and you will be boosting profitability at the same time.

There may also be some confusion among business owners that the process is too involved and you run the risk of losing supply but, as mentioned earlier, this will not happen.

While you could use a comparison website to find a cheaper business gas supplier, the site is unlikely to be searching the entire marketplace so you really should use the experts at D-Energi who can do this on your behalf.

Contacting D-Energi to find cheap business gas suppliers

For a busy business owner, perhaps the most important factor when contacting D-Energi to find cheap business gas suppliers is that it will only take a phone call that lasts several minutes.

In doing so, the experts can take a few details and then use the information to find a bespoke deal that will meet your needs and be probably cheaper than the prices you currently pay.

Alternatively, you could contact suppliers directly to find a deal but this is a time-consuming process and you’ll still need to understand how much a new deal will cost and then arrange the switchover.

If you would like to know more about how to access the cheapest business gas prices and have experts take care of the switchover process, then you need to speak with the D-Energi team today.