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4 Mar

A Guide to the Cheapest Business Electricity Prices

by Simon Thompson

This guide is aimed at those firms that want to find the cheapest business electricity prices to help boost profitability and lower overheads.

The first thing to appreciate is that when your current provider reveals what your next contract rates will be is to take this as a prompt to search the marketplace for an alternative offer.

It might be that the current supplier is offering the best rates but unless you check the marketplace, you will not know for sure.

Indeed, it’s a straightforward process to compare business electricity prices online and competition is strong among providers so it’s worth shopping around.

It’s also a good idea not to restrict your search of new energy prices to the ‘big six’ providers as their deals may be fairly similar.

Finding the cheapest business electricity rates in the UK

It helps that there are websites aimed at finding the cheapest business electricity rates in the UK by comparing offers from various providers.

However, while the sites are easy to use, you need to be aware that there are some potential pitfalls, including:

  • The site may have a restricted number of providers to contact
  • This means there could be better deals available elsewhere
  • You will have to negotiate directly with the recommended supplier.


So, if you’re wanting a quick way to find the best deal, then this is probably not it.

Instead, you should contact the team of experts at D-Energi who can search the entire market on your firm’s behalf to find a great deal, carry out negotiations and explain any parts of the contract you may find confusing. They can do this in just a few minutes and take care of the paperwork as well.

Search for the cheapest business electricity supplier

This search for the cheapest business electricity supplier should be carried out every year and there are two good reasons for doing so:

  • By searching you will be reassured that you are not overpaying for your electricity consumption
  • You will also help to stimulate competition in the marketplace.


Unfortunately, one government survey highlights that around 40% of firms in the UK haven’t switched their provider in recent years, so it’s likely they’ve been moved to more expensive contract rates automatically.

It is easy to avoid this happening to you and your firm and if you really want to find the cheapest business electricity prices quickly, then you need to contact the D-Energi team today on 0800 781 7626.