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16 Oct

A Guide to Lower Your Business Gas Prices

by Simon Thompson

As a utility, your business gas prices can be an expensive overhead and this guide will help you achieve lower costs.

And even for those firms that have a relatively small gas bill, it’s still worth spending the time and effort in finding a cheaper gas contract prices and you should do this every year.

The first thing to appreciate when you want to achieve cheaper business gas rates is that there are lots of providers out there.

Essentially, it’s important that you do not restrict your search for a new provider to the ‘Big Six’ suppliers and instead ask some of the smaller, independent firms to quote.

Business gas suppliers UK

One of the issues that potential business gas suppliers UK will ask when putting together a deal for industrial gas prices will be your exact geographic location.

That’s because some suppliers may refuse to quote if they don’t cover that area, but suppliers also want to know things like:

  • How much gas you consume every year
  • How many employees you have
  • The industry you work in
  • And whether you have plans to expand.


All of these questions are relevant because the gas provider needs to know how much gas you will consume over the length of the contract, whether your demand will increase or even if you’re looking to open other premises.

If you are a new business wanting a cheap gas supply then the provider can estimate how much gas you will use from other firms of a similar size – the D-Energi team can also help work out what your potential gas consumption levels will be.

Cheaper business electricity prices

The process of finding a new business gas provider will be the same for those firms wanting cheaper business electricity prices.

A new business electricity supplier will have the same criteria when putting together a bespoke deal and most of this information can be found on your gas and electricity bills.

Indeed, the meter point reference number is probably the most important part as this will give the exact location of your business to a potential supplier.

It’s also important to appreciate that when you do select a new business gas and electricity provider that there’s no loss of supply to your premises when you inform the current supplier that you are switching.

If you would like more information about lowering your business gas prices, and also achieving cheaper electricity bills too, then you need to speak with the experts at D-Energi.