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23 Oct

6 Tips to Save on Business Electricity

by Simon Thompson

When it comes to tips for a business to save on business electricity costs, then the D-Energi team can help.

Not only will the friendly experts find a cheaper deal, but they can also help you achieve greater savings by reducing consumption. Which brings us to…

1. An energy consultancy

One of the best ways to save on your business electricity bills is to reduce consumption and an energy consultancy can help you achieve this.

An energy consultant will look at how and when you are using energy to recommend energy-saving tips in office buildings and for factories and other industrial buildings.

2. Increase efficiencies

There are simple steps that all businesses can take to increase efficiencies to reduce energy use with energy-saving tips for employees, including switching to energy-saving lightbulbs and new equipment that will use less energy, such as computers and printers.

The steps may also include the installation of motion sensors so that only rooms where people are present will see the lights and heating being switched on. This will also extend to the air conditioning which should be switched off once an agreed temperature has been reached.

3. Windows and doors

Simply leaving doors and windows open means a lot of money is being wasted on electricity as well as gas trying to reheat those rooms. In winter, this can be a very expensive process so keep doors closed whenever possible to keep your heating bills low.

4. Compare business electricity per kWh

It’s important when you look to switch electricity providers that you compare business electricity per kWh to ensure you are saving money. Usually, this will be the unit rate of electricity being consumed and will not refer to the standing charge which is the amount you pay for electricity to be delivered.

5. Compare business energy per kWh

Saving money on utilities is not just about reducing your electricity bill, and while your gas bill may be much lower, it is still worthwhile looking to compare business energy per kWh prices to ensure you are on the best rate for meeting your firm’s needs.

6. Call D-Energi

The final and best tip: when it comes to saving on business electricity costs, and also for gas, you should speak with the experts at D-Energi who can search the whole marketplace to find a cheaper and better electricity provider for meeting your firm’s needs and reducing overheads.