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1 Apr

2020 Business Energy Prices Per kWh

by Simon Thompson

If you need to know what the best business energy prices per kWh are in 2020 to save money, then this article will help.

There’s no doubt that when your current contract comes up for renewal, this is the ideal time to begin a search of the commercial electricity supply market in the bid to find cheaper prices.

There are various ways of going about this, some are more efficient than others, and include:

  • Speaking with a supplier to find out what they will charge you
  • Widening your search to use a commercial electricity comparison website but they are unlikely to be searching the entire market.
  • Or using the experts at D-Energi who can search the entire business energy supply sector to find the cheapest and best deal.

Compare business electricity rates per kWh

It will soon become obvious when you try to compare business electricity rates per kWh between suppliers that the prices will vary. That’s because suppliers are using criteria to put together their bespoke deal, including:

  • Your geographic location
  • How many staff you employ
  • The sector you work in
  • Whether you have plans to expand.

You also need to consider when searching for new cheap business electricity rates that it’s not just about finding a cheap price.

That’s because you need to understand two important elements and they are:

  • The unit rate is the price you pay for the actual energy your firm consumes
  • The standing charge is an amount that varies between providers and pays for the energy to be delivered.

Not appreciating that this charge can be higher than you currently pay may means that any deal with a lower unit rate may end up costing more without you realising.

Compare energy prices between suppliers in the UK

Essentially, the most effective way to compare energy prices between suppliers in the UK is to use experts who understand how the market works and who can help explain any offered contract. This means speaking with the D-Energi team.

In addition to sourcing a cheaper deal this year, they can also help find cheaper providers when your deal comes up for renewal and even source a provider offering incentives such as having an account manager to help you run the account smoothly.

There’s also the opportunity of having an energy consultancy carried out to reduce your consumption levels of energy to not only save money but boost your environmental credentials too.

There’s a lot to consider when you need to search for the best business energy prices per kWh in 2020 and the most effective way of doing this is to speak with the D-Energi team today.